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Van der wijck?

Assalamualaikum and hallo reader :)

Now, I want share to you some summary about one book in English version........! oh yeah..

Have you read Van der Wijck novel? It was first novel I have finished in my whole day..

was first published as a serial in his weekly Islamic.

The summary from Wikipedia source

Van Der Wijck sinking ship is a famous work by Prof Dr. Hamka. It is a love story of a poor village youth who do not have relatives named Zainuddin against a girl from reputed family called Embrace. They love Embrace the family blessing. Zainudin proposal was rejected. Embrace joined together with a choice young man named Aziz's family is said to be eligible to accompany the Embrace. Like segment has met the book, return to the chin like a beard, whether ethnic secondly, a moon of the sun. Embrace family view was, when they agreed to betroth Embrace and Aziz.

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