~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Word Inside the Word~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

your are never alone

sometimes when the world not on your side
you don't know where to run to
you don't know where to hide
you gaze at the star in the sky
at the mountain so high
through the tears in your eyes
looking for a reason to replace what is gone
just remember and remember that your a never alone
your are never alone 
just reach into your heart and Allah is always there
through sorrow and through grief
through happiness and peace
your are never alone

so now 
as you long for your past
prepare for you future
but knowing nothing gonna last
you see this life is but a road
a straight and narrow path
to our final abode

so travel well oh Muslim
paradise will be your home
and always remember that you are never alone...

2 komen disini:

OrAng_PeRLiS_mEnULiS said... [reply]

nice! kita takkan bersendirian kalau selalu ingat tuhan kan? : SCREENGRAB: capture fullscreen dengan lebih luas

hiettah_anahiettah afibs said... [reply]

benar+tepat=shohih. :)
handsome Yusof ever said 'Allah is enough for me'..

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