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oh my English!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Now is a second month I continuous my new writing style with using an English language in my entry.
Absolutely for your as a reader, I hope please do not laugh at my grammatical error.
It's enough if you just smiling and shake your head repeatedly from side to side then ask “are you Portuguese?"


I don’t know why very hard I try to speak, read and write in English eventually I studies this language from child. I still remember my English teacher from Philippines when I study English in private class at Labuans.
He teach and talk to me very fast until I just look at his lips whereas am look not understand even one word. I take a seat very near in front just because I like the way his speak. When he teach his student, mostly can speak better except me and I always think like that.

 Actually I can understand but I cannot use that with perfect just because worried about my grammar. But  my blogger friend have says to me that “don’t shy to try". Hello! Qusyairy..Im not smart like you but I will try be smart than you! hehehe..
Addition my lecture says “No wonder, just making you believe what you say. Even though nobody listen you or you like "syok sendiri"
Over...you try than you know how great you are.

Look! i'am very confident.

Dear my lecture,
MR Roslan. How dare you, I wrote you name in this entry that will be perceive with my hundred readers. Ahak. I ‘am popular you know….:D

but  \o/
                                 < \
You still the best……..!!
.*_*.  hihihihihi

 and... Mr Zack Hazze. The CELOTEH ZACK owner, he did't agree even though I changed the blog format from the 'Bahasa' to English language but thanks so much because still loyal and appreciate my writing.

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